Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 19

1.  Attendance
2.  Review from last class:
  • Let's take a fun quiz (not for a grade).
  • Next, write what a Rhetorical Analysis essay is about on Primary Wall. 
3. Writing Introductions and Conclusions in Rhetorical Analysis

  • Let's start on this powerpoint 
  • First, let's work on introductions.
  • Now thesis statements.
  • What thesis statement did you write from last class? Switch with a partner and critique. A good thesis statement should be:
    • Debatable
    • Not too wide, not too narrow
    • Analyzing the essay, not your opinion on the topic. 
    • Be polite! :)
  • Let's look at some conclusions.
Write an introduction for your analysis essay. Be sure to include the thesis statement we critiqued in class today.

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