Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 20

1. Attendance
2. What is a peer-review?

  • Get into groups. Use the internet to find out a definition. Share what you think on Primary Wall. 
  • Next let's look at this powerpoint together
  • Watch this youtube video. What is working in this video?
  • Get back in your groups. Write two things that could be good and two things that could be bad with peer-reviewing. 
  • Read this comment list. Discuss what is good and bad about these comments.
  • Now, evaluate this paragraph.  You can use the comment tool on Microsoft Word
3. Article Mini-lesson
  • Watch this powerpoint and fill out the sheet as we work together. 
Homework: Work on your draft to show your classmates. Fill out this template to help you get a good peer-review.

Next Class: Peer Perception Workshop and Library Visit.

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