Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 11 10/2

1. Attendance
2. Compare/Contrast paragraphs
  • Must turn in before you can turn in paragraph portfolio.
  • Write a paragraph, please!
  • Use signal words.

3. Grades
4. Introducing primary wall!
5. Cause/Effect Part II
  • Go to primary wall. Please write a cause and effect sentence using cause and effect structure words. Use the article you were assigned to read last class as inspiration. (2 minutes maximum)
    • Discuss answers.
  • Make cause/effect of the article with markers in groups. You may get help from your neighbor, but don't use a dictionary.
    • Discuss answers.
6. APA in-text citations
  • What is the difference between paraphrasing, summarizing, and quotations?
    • Get into groups of three and write answers on this primary wall.
    • Discuss answers. 
    • There are many styles of citation, MLA, Chicago, Turabian. We will use APA. 
  • Paraphrasing time! Paraphrase this article. Remember to use synonyms to help you. 
  • There are also two types of citation. Let's look at this handout and figure out both.
    • In-text
    • References
  • Now, apply what you learned! Interview your neighbor about "What do you love about the University of Illinois?" After the interview, write a sentence with a signal phrase and proper citation. 
Next Class: Process Paragraph

Writer's Help Exercise: Integrating sources in APA papers.

Suggested Reading: Writer's Help, Citing APA articles Purdue/OWL, Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

Cause/Effect Paragraph draft is due next on Monday October 7th. Remember to put in the Paragraphs Patterns> Cause/Effect folder on dropbox. Name it netidCauseEffect.rtf or.doc.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 10 9/30

1. Attendance
2. Announcements
  • Discuss IEF
  • Discuss new sections of the website. 
  • Discuss Papers
  • Draft of Compare/Contrast paragraph due today.
3. Review Compare/Contrast 
Remember, here are two examples of Compare and Contrast.
Point style       Block Style

4. Cause/Effect 
-Watch this youtube video. What was the cause and effect? Discuss it with your neighbor.
-Sometimes cause and effect are more complicated, but still important to understand.
-Watch this video. Can you think of the cause and effect? What about contributing factors? ---Discuss it with your neighbor. Fill out the contributing factors sheet with your neighbor.
-Now, lets each make a star chart with the cause and effect of Facebook. I will give you a copy of the star chart now.
-Let's practice making cause/effect sentences with this chart.
-Outline this paragraph as a class:

               "Recurring headaches can have initiate disruptive effects in a person's life.  Initially, in many cases, these headaches make a person nauseous to the point that he or she must go to bed.  Furthermore, sleep is often interrupted because of the pain.  Disrupted sleep worsens the physical and emotional state of the sufferer.  For those who try to maintain a normal lifestyle, drugs are often relied on to get through the day.  Such drugs, of course, can lead to other negative effects.  Drugs can inhibit productivity on a job, perhaps even causing regular absences.  Not only is work affected, but the seemingly unpredictable occurrence of these headaches leads to disruption in family life.  The interruption to a person's family life is enormous: cancelling plans in the last minute and straining relationships with friends and family.  It is no wonder that many of these people feel discouraged and even depressed due to the cycle of misery reoccurring headaches cause."


-Now using what you learned, write a paragraph with cause and effect. Tell me what happened in the youtube video using cause and effect.

Next Class: Cause/Effect, APA In-text citations

A draft of Cause-effect is due a week from today on Monday, October 7th.
Please name it netidCauseEffect and put it in the cause/effect folder in the paragraph portfolio folder on dropbox.

Didn't read the article last class? Read it for class next time. Click here.

Writer's Help Exercise: Idioms

Suggested Reading: Writer's Help on Cause/Effect

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 9 9/25

1. Attendance
2. Spend a few minutes giving me feedback. Survey is here.
3. Turn in your essay today! 
4. Discuss Compare/Contrast article.
-Instead of the one assigned let's read this one.
-Fill out organization worksheets together.

5. Paraphrasing

Write a paraphrase with a partner in a blank microsoft word document.

-Original Passage:
The Champaign Police Department issued a press release stating they will have extra officers on patrol over Halloween weekend, focusing their efforts on the University of Illinois Campus. Chief of Police R.T. Finney stated in a press release, “These officers are specifically deployed to prevent campus attacks, but will identify, apprehend and arrest those who come to campus with the intent of preying on innocent victims.” The police department also issued safety tips for people on Halloween, stating to be aware of surroundings, stay in well-lit areas, walk confidently, follow gut instincts, be secure, be aware and to not travel under the influence. 

Next Class: Cause and Effect

-Writer's Help Exercise: Misused words

-Don't forget your Compare/Contrast paragraph is due next Monday. Please put it in the dropbox folder named Compare/Contrast. Name it netidCompareContrast.rtf or .doc

-Read this article for next class. There may be a quiz.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 8 9/23

1. Attendance
2. Common errors I am seeing in drafts
  • No indenting
  • Punctuation
  • Commas
3. How to submit your paper:
Step 1. Login to the Compass 2g website here.
Step 2. Click on ESL 111-Sections C, K, Introduction to Academic Writing
Step 3. Click on SafeAssign Submission on the left side.
Step 4. Name the file netidDiagnosticRevision and make the file an .rtf.
Step 5. Please put your UIN, NetID, Course Section, and name in class on the top of the document

4. Compare/Contrast Paragraphs
  • With a partner pick one celebrity before and after photoshop from this link.
  • Put the mouse over a picture to see it before photoshop.
  • Compare how both pictures are similar. A comparison means similarities. Find three similarities.
  • Contrast how both are different. A contrast means differences. Find three differences.
  • Look at compare and contrast signal words, here.
  • Look at Paragraph 1 or 2, highlight the signal words you see.
  • Discuss the paragraphs together.
  • Work on this handout with a partner.
Next Class: Paraphrasing, Cause and Effect

-Submit your paper by Wednesday 9/25 to Compass2g. I will deduct 25% from your grade everyday it is late.

-Write a paragraph that compares or contrasts your room in your home country and your room in Illinois. It should have a clear topic sentence and use at least four compare/contrast signal words from the Compare and Contrast Signals document.

 It is due 10/01 before class. Please name it NetIDCompareContrast.doc or .rtf. Put your preferred class name and netID on the top of the document. Put in the folder Paragraph Patterns>Compare and Contrast. Use this document to help you write the paragraph. Do not just fill in the blanks, please write a paragraph. You can also use
Paragraph 1 or 2 to help you.

-Read this article for next class. There may be a quiz.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 7 9/18

1. Attendance
2. Review Thesis Statements see this handout for in class activity
3. Review Introductions
4. Conclusions

  • Start with this handout.
  • Watch this powerpoint.
  • Do open friend quiz.
  • Write conclusion to this essay.
  • Peer review conclusion with this checklist
  • 5. Avoiding Plagiarism 

    • Let's do a scavenger hunt!!
    • Fill out this worksheet
    I highly suggest work on writing your introductions and conclusions tonight. Diagnostic Revision is due on 9/25. Be sure to name it netidDiagnosticRevision. Make the file a .rtf.  You will submit it to compass2g.

    No Writer's Help Exercises. :D

    Day 6 9/16

    1. Attendance Check
    2. Review PIE 
    • Point
    • Illustration
    • Explanation
    3. Review Cohesive Devices
    • Repetition (parallelism)
    • Synonyms
    • Pronouns
    4. Transitions
    The ultimate transition resource:

    5. Introductions (see powerpoint here)

  • Discuss this paragraph handout in groups
  • View this powerpoint.
  • Discuss this handout in groups.
  • Now, open Microsoft Word and write a thesis statement about capital punishment.
  • Then switch seats :)
  • Write a hook...
  • Then switch seats again

  • Next Class: Conclusions, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Review for Diagnostic Essay

    Writer's Help Exercises:

    Thursday, September 5, 2013

    Day 5 9/11

    1. Attendance
    2. Review Paragraph Structure
    3. PIE (see powerpoint here) we will work on this handout in class.
    • Point
    • Illustration
    • Explanation
    4. Cohesive Devices/Transitions (see powerpoint here, see handout here)

    Next Class: Introductions & Conclusions 

    Diagnostic Essay Revision. Revise your original diagnostic essay using the skills you have learned so far. You have some time to write this essay, but keep the assignment in mind as we learn other material. This essay is due 9/23. You need to use your outline to write this essay.

    Watch these youtube videos to get extra help understanding transitions:
    Writing - Transitions - Therefore, Thus, Consequently [13:18]
    Writing - Transitions - In addition, Moreover, Furthermore, Another [9:45]

    Writer's Help Exercises:

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    Day 4 9/9

    1. Attendance Check
    2. Discuss Reflection Essay
    3. Review Outlines & Thesis Statements
    5. Paragraph Structure & Development (see powerpoint here)
    Use this handout in class.
    • Unity
    • Coherence
    • Clear Topic Development
    • Development of Ideas
    Next Class: PIE Structure, Cohesive Devices

    Remember your outline is due 9/11.

    Diagnostic Essay Revision. Revise your original diagnostic essay using the skills you have learned so far. You have some time to write this essay, but keep the assignment in mind as we learn other material. This essay is due 9/23. Please spend some time writing this.

    Writer's Help Exercises: