Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 8 9/23

1. Attendance
2. Common errors I am seeing in drafts
  • No indenting
  • Punctuation
  • Commas
3. How to submit your paper:
Step 1. Login to the Compass 2g website here.
Step 2. Click on ESL 111-Sections C, K, Introduction to Academic Writing
Step 3. Click on SafeAssign Submission on the left side.
Step 4. Name the file netidDiagnosticRevision and make the file an .rtf.
Step 5. Please put your UIN, NetID, Course Section, and name in class on the top of the document

4. Compare/Contrast Paragraphs
  • With a partner pick one celebrity before and after photoshop from this link.
  • Put the mouse over a picture to see it before photoshop.
  • Compare how both pictures are similar. A comparison means similarities. Find three similarities.
  • Contrast how both are different. A contrast means differences. Find three differences.
  • Look at compare and contrast signal words, here.
  • Look at Paragraph 1 or 2, highlight the signal words you see.
  • Discuss the paragraphs together.
  • Work on this handout with a partner.
Next Class: Paraphrasing, Cause and Effect

-Submit your paper by Wednesday 9/25 to Compass2g. I will deduct 25% from your grade everyday it is late.

-Write a paragraph that compares or contrasts your room in your home country and your room in Illinois. It should have a clear topic sentence and use at least four compare/contrast signal words from the Compare and Contrast Signals document.

 It is due 10/01 before class. Please name it NetIDCompareContrast.doc or .rtf. Put your preferred class name and netID on the top of the document. Put in the folder Paragraph Patterns>Compare and Contrast. Use this document to help you write the paragraph. Do not just fill in the blanks, please write a paragraph. You can also use
Paragraph 1 or 2 to help you.

-Read this article for next class. There may be a quiz.

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