Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5 9/11

1. Attendance
2. Review Paragraph Structure
3. PIE (see powerpoint here) we will work on this handout in class.
  • Point
  • Illustration
  • Explanation
4. Cohesive Devices/Transitions (see powerpoint here, see handout here)

Next Class: Introductions & Conclusions 

Diagnostic Essay Revision. Revise your original diagnostic essay using the skills you have learned so far. You have some time to write this essay, but keep the assignment in mind as we learn other material. This essay is due 9/23. You need to use your outline to write this essay.

Watch these youtube videos to get extra help understanding transitions:
Writing - Transitions - Therefore, Thus, Consequently [13:18]
Writing - Transitions - In addition, Moreover, Furthermore, Another [9:45]

Writer's Help Exercises:

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