Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 10 9/30

1. Attendance
2. Announcements
  • Discuss IEF
  • Discuss new sections of the website. 
  • Discuss Papers
  • Draft of Compare/Contrast paragraph due today.
3. Review Compare/Contrast 
Remember, here are two examples of Compare and Contrast.
Point style       Block Style

4. Cause/Effect 
-Watch this youtube video. What was the cause and effect? Discuss it with your neighbor.
-Sometimes cause and effect are more complicated, but still important to understand.
-Watch this video. Can you think of the cause and effect? What about contributing factors? ---Discuss it with your neighbor. Fill out the contributing factors sheet with your neighbor.
-Now, lets each make a star chart with the cause and effect of Facebook. I will give you a copy of the star chart now.
-Let's practice making cause/effect sentences with this chart.
-Outline this paragraph as a class:

               "Recurring headaches can have initiate disruptive effects in a person's life.  Initially, in many cases, these headaches make a person nauseous to the point that he or she must go to bed.  Furthermore, sleep is often interrupted because of the pain.  Disrupted sleep worsens the physical and emotional state of the sufferer.  For those who try to maintain a normal lifestyle, drugs are often relied on to get through the day.  Such drugs, of course, can lead to other negative effects.  Drugs can inhibit productivity on a job, perhaps even causing regular absences.  Not only is work affected, but the seemingly unpredictable occurrence of these headaches leads to disruption in family life.  The interruption to a person's family life is enormous: cancelling plans in the last minute and straining relationships with friends and family.  It is no wonder that many of these people feel discouraged and even depressed due to the cycle of misery reoccurring headaches cause."


-Now using what you learned, write a paragraph with cause and effect. Tell me what happened in the youtube video using cause and effect.

Next Class: Cause/Effect, APA In-text citations

A draft of Cause-effect is due a week from today on Monday, October 7th.
Please name it netidCauseEffect and put it in the cause/effect folder in the paragraph portfolio folder on dropbox.

Didn't read the article last class? Read it for class next time. Click here.

Writer's Help Exercise: Idioms

Suggested Reading: Writer's Help on Cause/Effect

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