Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 12

1. Attendance
Just for laughs:

2. Speaking voice in class
3. Cause/Effect short review
4. Let's take a fun APA quiz
5. Process Paragraph
  • We have learned Compare/Contrast and Cause/Effect. Now we will learn Process.
  • Think about the processes we see in the video.
  • Two kinds of process writing
    • how to do something
    • how something works. Which one is this video?
  • Next, let's watch this youtube video. While watching, think about how you would explain the process in your own words.
    • Vocabulary for this video:
      • Nouns: domino, car, ball, string, club, lever, cone, mouse trap
      • Verbs: hit, pull down, release, slide down, follow, go down/up, knock over, send, throw
  • In groups, write part of what happened in the video with this handout.
    • Hint: Make a list!
  • Share your outlines.
  • Next, take the outline and add details.
  • Finally, add signal words using this list to help you. Yes, you decide where each word goes.
  • How is this paragraph structure different than Compare/Contrast or Cause/Effect?
    • Brainstorm ideas with your row.
Next Class:
APA references, Reflection Paragraph

  • Read this sample process article. Think about how it shows a process.
  • Start working on your process paragraph. It is due Monday, October 14th. You can write on any process. Speak to me if you need ideas.
  • Suggested reading: Writing a Process Paragraph

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