Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 13

1. Attendance
2. How to double space and indent
3. Don't abuse spellcheck.
4. Portfolio Paragraph rubric
  • I made a mistake. Each paragraph is worth 5%. 
5. Process Article- "How Does a Camera Work?"
  • Outline first part together
  • Outline in groups
  • Discuss answers
  • Discuss paragraph one and two in smaller groups. Put your thoughts on primary wall
  • How is this different from cause/effect and compare/contrast paragraphs?
6. APA reference page

7. Reflection 

  • Write for 5 minutes with what you think about this quote and picture. This is called free writing.
  • We are at mid-term now! Let's take some time to reflect on the semester. 
  • Next remember reflective writing consists of:
    • Description
    • Interpretation
    • Outcome
  • Critique a reflective paragraph I wrote. Yes, I made mistakes :) Where are the big three?
  • I reflected on my travels. Now, I want you to reflect on your writing so far this semester. Look at the reflective questions here.DO NOT try to answer all the questions.
  • What signal words would you use? See signal words here. Apply them.
  • Save your paragraphs, you will turn these into me next Friday.

Next Class:
Reflection paragraphs, Understanding rhetorical situations

Process paragraphs are due next Monday. Put them in the folder I will show you in class.
Start writing your reflection paragraph. Use what you wrote in class as a start. A draft will be due Friday October 18th. 
Suggested Reading: Writing a Reflective EssayRhetorical Functions in writing: Reflection

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