Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 25

1. Attendance
2. Announcements:
  • I got everyone's rhetorical analyses
  •  Some people did not turn in their outlines on dropbox. 
3. Workshop time!!!
  • Warm up
    • Switch desks and give feedback on the person's outline
  • Powerpoint
    • Get into groups of 4 and give feedback on each other's powerpoints.
    • Keep in mind these criteria:
      • Are slide titles easy to comprehend?
      • Is the amount of text appropriate?
      • Are graphics and font clear?
      • Is the design appealing?
      • Is it easy to understand?
  • Presentation
    • In new groups of 4 give feedback on each other's presentations
    • Keep in mind the follow criteria:
      • Can you hear the speaker?
      • Is there good eye contact?
      • Are there little to few "ums," "oohs," or other filler words?
      • Does the speaker have good posture and does not move needlessly.
If you haven't picked when you want to present, please choose here.
Read the rubric here and practice your presentations!

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