Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 1

1. Attendance check
2. Basic Housekeeping
  • Should you be registered for this course?
  • ATLAS LAB Rules
3. Tech
  • Dropbox
  • Writer's Help
  • Gmail and google docs
  • Prezi

4. Introduction to the Course
5. About the Diagnostic 
6. Icebreaker
7. Positive Writing Experiences (if time)

Next Class: Diagnostic and Positive Writing Experiences

  • Fill out questionnaire. Linked here. (Adapted by Kathleen Becker, Created by Eunice Nam)
  • Upload your photo to the dropbox folder I sent via e-mail. Please name the photo with your NETID. For example, kbecker4.jpg.  Any image file is fine!
  • Read the Course Introduction document on our course website.

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